IGCSE Results 2016



GCE Results 2016




GCE Results 2016



 IBDP Results 2016

IBDP Results 2015

The average diploma points awarded to AIS students this year was 34 points, which well exceeded the world average last year of 29.81[1] Students who achieve 35 points or above will get into their major in most universities and Ivy League universities such as Oxford usually require 38 points. The extended essay results were commendable with more than 60% of students achieving grades of A or B, compared to a worldwide average of 30%. In TOK over 75% of students achieved a grade of A or B, compared to a worldwide average of 41%.[2] Congratulations to all of our students on an outstanding year, best of luck for your future


[1] http://www.ibo.org/contentassets/bc850970f4e54b87828f83c7976a4db6/may-2014-stats-bulletin.pdf

[2] http://www.ibo.org/en/news/news-list/ib-announces-increase-in-diplomas-awarded-worldwide/


Below is a comparative results chart comparing AIS to international standards: 


IGCSE Results 2015

AIS IGCSE results were outstanding, outperforming the international standards in all areas. Points of note for our students;

  • The proportion of students achieving A* and A is very high, exceeding worldwide expectations and reaching top levels in Mathematics and Physics. 
  • The lowest percentage of A* in AIS in in Arabic Language, yet it is still higher than the worldwide percentage.
  • 70% of the students in AIS obtained and A across all subject.
  • No student received a D in any of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics and Physics.

Congratulations to all students on their results. Below are comparative charts of our students results in all IGCSE subject courses offered at AIS.









GCE Results 2015

GCE results (AS and A level) were outstanding, outperforming the international standards in all areas. The results clearly show that the student's performence has been improving on yearly basis and that the results in AIS are always higher than the results worldwide.

These excellent results can be attributed to four major factors:

  1. Consistent revisions, improvements, and changes  made to the curriculum across the school.
  2. Successful and valuable teaching and learning workshops and practices that are being continuously applied in school.
  3. Support of the administration to students in anything that pertains to reforming and improving the teaching and learning environment.
  4. Resourcefulness and expertise of the teachers.