“Everyone is capable of getting good grades; at some point, admission officers don’t even look for that anymore. I’ve worked at Columbia’s admissions office for a year now, and they review applications holistically, looking for what they call the X factor. They look for drive, ambition, a strong personality, something that sets you apart from others, and what better way to show them that than demonstrating endless hours of creativity, action, and service? It may seem daunting at first, but it’s your biggest weapon when applying to college. Trust me- I even wrote one of my college essays on a CAS experience!”

Zuwaina Ateig

Student at Columbia University 


"All levels of leadership and management are very committed to teamwork, and have clear responsibilities and accountability for improving provision and raising standards. Rigorous and supportive systems to monitor the quality of teaching and learning promote consistency. Senior leaders and coordinators provide effective professional development and support. The whole community is committed to the school’s mission and strategic direction, and to school improvement."

"Student attainment in American and UK‐based, and IB Diploma external examinations, is high and above or well above international levels in all subjects. Students demonstrate very good basic skills in literacy and numeracy and they apply these skills confidently across subjects."

"Members of staff greet students and parents at the gates at the start and end of day. Very effective systems are in place for the protection, care, guidance and support of students and these are particularly successful in promoting students’ personal development. Child protection procedures are well established and interactions between all members of the community demonstrate respect and a caring attitude."

ADEC Inspection Team