As part of the school’s Extra-Curricular Program, the school offers a range of clubs that meet the needs and the interests of our students in order to promote their personal development. Such clubs include film, choir, photography, technology club, science club, and the various sports.


A list of co-curricular activities, guidelines, and schedule of these activities will be assigned by the school administration and will be given to students at the beginning of the academic year in order for students to enroll in these activities.



Clubs 2016/2017

  • Anime Club
  • Music & Drama Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Poetry & Creative Wrinting Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Pre-Model United Nation Club
  • Courtroom 101 Club
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Debate Club
  • Safety Health & Environment Club
  • Filiming & Photography Club
  • Special Education Support Club
  • Fitness Club
  • Student Academic Support Club
  • Football Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Literacy Club
  • UAE Cultural Club
  • Model United Nations Club





Debate and Public Speaking Club



Anime Club 




Photography Club 




Cooking Club


Mixed team of players with different abilities playing together in a mini competition. (Grades 6-9)


Bigger grade boys playing together.  (Grades 10-12)


AIS MBZ Basketball Club’s Description

AIS MBZ Basketball Club's mission is to unite and socialize students of different abilities into competitive basketball players together in order to compete amongst ourselves regularly so that as their skills improve they can become competitive aspirants for the school’s Varsity teams.

The club meets every Thursday after school from 2:40pm to 3:40pm and caters to students from grades 5 to 12.


AIS MBZ Basketball Club’s Objectives

  1. To teach students basic skills and techniques so they can move on to be part of the school’s Varsity teams as well as club teams within their communities.
  2. Reinforce the values of Sportsmanship, Honesty, Tolerance, Collaboration, Respect, Self-worth and Team player.



Art Club

Objectives: Students will learn using various methods and techniques in creating an artwork. They will use an array of different art tools to develop their draftsmanship skill in general. They will observe other art forms and styles in order to help them develop and achieve to an advanced understanding of the  creativity process as well as acquiring a sense of the aesthetics. Also, students are expected to seek the right solutions to aesthetic problems as well as rendering issues during the work process.