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Students learning the basics of driving at the unique driving academy of one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, AIS Schools

As a diverse, inclusive school, we have an international body of students and staff from around 60 nationalities. Between our two locations, we have approximately 3500 students, with 5% of the student body reserved for special needs students with learning difficulties.

Band A rating by ADEK

Rated as a High-Performing school that exceeds the expectations of UAE


Pass Rate

For external exams including IBDP, British, and American Program

Diversity & inclusion

Over 60 nationalities including students and staff

Outstanding Inclusion Program

Rated “increasingly individualized, particularly for students who have special educational needs” by ADEK


University Placements

At internationally renowned institutions in the UK, USA, and other locations

Best Gifted & Talented (G&T) Program

Rated “Example of outstanding and best practices” by ADEK

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The IB edge

Set your child on the path to the most recognized and respected qualification in the world.

Adapted curriculum

Find curated learning options that combine the best international standards in education.

Family & school

Join a robust ecosystem where education takes place at school and at home for lifelong learning.

A legacy of 30 years

Founded and led by one of the leading educators in the region, we have a long history of excellence.

Student in lab gear, speaking to a science professor at AIS Schools, one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi for IBDP

Why are we one of the best IB schools in Abu Dhabi?

IBDP, with a difference

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