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STEAM Exhibition
Sun 1

First Day of School

Sat 5

SAT Test

Sun 20 - Mon 21

Midterm Break

Sat 3

SAT Test

Sun 1

Martyr’s Day

Mon 2 - Tue 3

UAE National Day

Sat 7

SAT Test

Wed 4 - Thu 12

Term 1 Final Examination

Sun 15 - Thu 2 ( Jan )

Winter Holiday

Tue 5

Term 2 Begins

Sat 22

Parent-Teacher Conference

Sat 14

SAT Test

Sun 22 - Thu 26

Second Term Final Exam

Sun 29 - Thu 9 ( April )

Spring Break

Mon 13

Term 3 Begins

Sat 2

SAT Test

Sun 24 - Tue 26

Eid Al Fitr

Sat 6

SAT Test

TBA, Prep Graduation
Sun 14 - Thu 25

End-of-Year Final Examinations

Sun 28

Last Day for Students

Welcome to Abu Dhabi International (Pvt.) School

Abu Dhabi International School (AIS) is a private, coeducational K-12 day school licensed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. The school was founded in 1992 by Mrs. Jihan Nasr, who has been dedicated to her educational mission. It has an international body of students and staff from over 70 nationalities. The total enrollment at AIS in both campuses is approximately 4000 students, and the school reserves 5% of its student body to special needs students with learning difficulties. Over the years, AIS has gained a reputation for successfully dealing with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities through a well-structured Special Education department.

Founder's Welcome

Education is an opportunity… an opportunity for a brighter future… an opportunity for the pursuit of happiness… an opportunity for expressing one’s talent… an opportunity to change the world. This is my mission at AIS; a school that leads educational institutions to excellence, a school where children are accepted, nurtured, and provided with their needs, and grow to become unique individuals.
Our students at AIS grow with the idea that they are powerful beings who create their own destinies through the consistent exercise of good choices. Sincerely believing that actions speak louder than words, we, at AIS, seek to model this lesson throughout our school. We offer apologies, but yet we never accept excuses. This is what makes AIS a unique place and a different experience. This is what makes students of AIS pioneers in whichever field they wish to pursue.


Mrs. Jihan Nasr

The Founder
Very Good
Pass rate on external examinations
International Students
Student Nationalities


Our History

Abu Dhabi International School (AIS) is a private, coeducational K-12 day school licensed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

Extracurricular Activities

CAS is an exciting program that will get you off your seat and take you to the wonderful world of creativity, activity, and service. 

ADEK Evaluation

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) inspection of AIS (the Irtiqa’a initiative) rated AIS as
Very Good