Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2018 Committee recently launched The Exclusive Student Ambassador Programme.  The committee selected only 30 students from the United Arab Emirates, and Yazan Zamel was honored to be one of the few.

The selection process is based on the student’s submission of a brief self-introduction video, previous achievement, school’s nomination, and the student’s CV.  The program aims to develop student’s leadership, public speaking, and communication skills to prepare them for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January. Students attend weekly workshops, and are given challenging assignments to complete such as ‘Etiquette Protocol’ workshops and the completion of an entire environmental audit.

“Being a passionate environmentalist and a member of the ECO Club at AIS for the past 4 years, I am really proud of representing Abu Dhabi International Private School. I look forward to making my parents, school, teachers, and community proud.”  Yazan Zamel, AIS Senior