ADEK Evaluation

Our dedication to education has been reflected in ADEK’s recent review of AIS as a high performing school that exceeds the expectations of the UAE.

Student achievement was rated highly as they “make a strong start in kindergarten and leave the school in Grade 12 having attained very high grades in external examinations”. The outstanding results are due to a “very well implemented and adapted” curriculum, the effectiveness of teaching and very good use of assessment. ADEK further complements the personal development of our students indicating “positive attitude has led to improvements in almost all aspects of school life”. AIS curricula were deemed “increasingly individualized, particularly for students who have special educational needs (SEN) and who are gifted and talented (G&T)” specifically identifying the SEN and G&T programs as an “example of outstanding and best practices”. Our leadership team with the continued support of parents have “created and maintained a positive learning community” ensuring that all students at AIS “receive a very high quality of guidance, particularly in the high phase”.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Educational and Knowledge (ADEK) inspection rated AIS as Very Good for both the MBZ City Campus and Abu Dhabi City Campus.


ADEK Inspection Summary 2018 (MBZ City Campus)

Strengths :

  • The school’s promotion of students’ personal and social development.

  • The effectiveness of teaching in raising students’ achievement.

  • The protection, care, guidance and support of students.

  • Best practice identified in the support for those who have special educational needs.
  • School leaders’ impact in creating a highly positive learning environment in partnership with parents.

These points are taken directly from the ADEK Inspection report

ADEK Inspection Summary 2018 (Abu Dhabi City Campus)


  • The highly effective leadership of the principal and senior leaders resulting in evident improvement in all areas since the previous inspection.

  • Students’ high levels of achievement.

  • Teachers’ commitment to raising the quality of teaching and overall progress of students.

  • The caring ethos, positive relationships and secure environment of the school.

  • Students’ highly developed learning skills, independence and enthusiasm for school which is reflected in their high levels of attendance.

These points are taken directly from the ADEK Inspection report

The full reports can be seen on the ADEK official website.