Admissions to IBDP

Admission into our IB Diploma Programme (Grade 11)  is very competitive and seats are limited.  All applicants must provide evidence of proficiency in relevant academic fields, especially in Mathematics and English.  Applicants must also demonstrate fluency in different forms of communication, mainly written and oral, and must be able to engage in sports, creative endeavors, and community service.

To apply for IBDP, interested students must contact the IBDP coordinator, Dr. Issam Kobrsi, by February 28 at the latest by email ( and provide him with the following:

  • Name and school
  • Grade 9 transcript
  • Grade 10 progress report
  • What the student plans to study in university

If the IBDP selection committee finds this preliminary information to be promising, the student will be asked to write a 2000 word letter of intent with specific criteria and to come for a meeting with the IBDPC.

If the student wishes to pursue this further, they will then be asked to follow the normal school admission procedures, including taking an entrance exam.  Only those who pass the exams with certain scores will be given admission to the IBDP.

* The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is only offered at the  Mohammed Bin Zayed City Campus.