Extracurricular Activities

Varsity Artistic Gymnastics
Varsity Football
Varsity Football
Varsity Basketball
Varsity Volleyball
Varsity Badminton

“The CAS Program was a driving force for creating well-rounded students. I learned the value of being active outside the classroom when I arrived at my university campus and saw how driven and successful everyone around me was in their extracurricular endeavors. AIS allowed me to bring my own momentum to the community of students I had joined. As such, the Program was an avenue for self-betterment as well as a way to connect and feel closer to my fellow classmates at AIS”

– Mahmood Bakhash, BA from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

CAS is an exciting program that will get you off your seat and take you to the wonderful world of creativity, activity, and service. You will not be watching as a spectator but succeeding as a participant. The key to CAS is to learn from experiencing and reflecting in the hope that each one of you will make a difference in yourselves and the community around you. We wish you all the best and cannot wait to see you be creative, active, and helpful.

School in Kathmandu
Nepal – November 2014-2015

Nepal – Service Trip – Kathmandu 2014-2015

Canyoning Activity 2014-2015

“AIS has definitely motivated me to take initiative in extracurricular activities and projects – many of which helped me stand out in my university applications.”

– Ali Abdalla, Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)