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Our Mission

To support all students in attaining their full potential in personal development and active citizenship by providing the foundation for lifelong learning through quality education

Our Philosophy

At Abu Dhabi International Private School, we believe in:

  • Recognizing students’ individual needs and providing them with opportunities that match their individual abilities and that would help them discover their interests and talents and develop them to their full potential.
  • Promoting the welfare of students with special education needs by supporting them in attaining their full potential intellectually, physically and socially.
  • Fostering good citizenship by promoting good habits of character, global awareness, and an understanding and appreciation for other cultures.
  • The importance of establishing strong home-school partnerships and a three-way relationship with the school, parents, and community in order to achieve the school mission.
  • Nurturing lifelong learners by reinforcing learning as a continuous lifelong process that extends beyond the school.
  • Continuously engaging in efforts that ensure quality control and improvement in educational programs and professional practice.