Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

To support all students in attaining their full potential in personal development and active citizenship by providing the foundation for life long learning through excellence in education.

Our Philosophy

“We honor quality and enable students to perform at their highest level of ability”

At AIS, we believe in recognizing students’ specific needs, interests and talents to provide them with the opportunities that match their individual abilities and guide them to their full potential. We believe in promoting the welfare of students with special education needs through customized support programs geared towards intellectual, physical and social development.

We endeavor to establish a strong home-school partnerships and a three-way relationship with the school, parents, and community in order to achieve our shared mission of fostering active citizenship and developing good habits of character, global awareness and cultural appreciation.

By nurturing students beyond the classroom, we promote learning as a lifelong endeavor and develop the creativity and innovative mindset that are the core of tomorrows decision makers. Through continuously engaging in quality control and improvement strategies, our educational programs and professional practice match an ever evolving global worldview.

Our Goal

Rated School in 2016
Pass rate on external examinations
international students especially from Asia Africa & Europe
Student Nationalities