Our Leaders

Education is an opportunity… an opportunity for a brighter future… an opportunity for the pursuit of happiness… an opportunity for expressing one’s talent… an opportunity to change the world. This is my mission at AIS; a school that leads educational institutions to excellence, a school where children are accepted, nurtured, and provided with their needs, and grow to become unique individuals.

Our students at AIS grow with the idea that they are powerful beings who create their own destinies through the consistent exercise of good choices. Sincerely believing that actions speak louder than words, we, at AIS, seek to model this lesson throughout our school. We offer apologies, but yet we never accept excuses. This is what makes AIS a unique place and a different experience. This is what makes students of AIS pioneers in whichever field they wish to pursue.


Mrs. Jihan Nasr

The Founder

Ms. Pamela Issa

Principal, Abu Dhabi City Campus

Ms. Pamela Issa has 8 years of experience teaching Kindergarten and 10 years of administrative work. She taught in Lebanon for 2 years before returning to the UAE were she was initially born and raised. She worked for 2 years in a private school in Abu Dhabi before joining the family of AIS in 2002.

“Growing up in Abu Dhabi, studying through my Elementary years before moving to Lebanon as a teenager, exposed me to different programs, teaching strategies and cultural backgrounds. It helped me forge my educational philosophy and believes.

With practice and experience many aspects of our teaching and learning skills change and improve, but what remains strong and solid is our faith in our role as educators to positively impact the lives of the children entrusted to our care.

Such goal may not be achieved without the collaboration of the whole school community, working hand in hand to establish a better future for our young learners.”

Ms. Adrienne Read

Principal, MBZ City Campus

Ms. Adrienne Read joined the AIS family in 2013; with over 10 years of experience in education in the United States in both administrative and teaching positions in North Carolina and Arizona as well as Abu Dhabi. Ms. Adrienne holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Arizona State University and for the past 4 years has been a dedicated faculty member at AIS.

“My passion for building lifelong learners has been shaped over the past fourteen years in the field of education. I was lucky to join the AIS family in 2013, moving to Abu Dhabi with my husband and two children. During my eleven years of teaching, I focused not only on the academics of my students, but the building of each of their characters as well. Students spend a large amount of time with their “school family”; therefore, it is imperative that we work closely, parents and school, to ensure the overall success and happiness of our children.
As an administrator, I feel strongly that each student must be the provided the opportunity to manifest the highest level of learning possible. We, as a school staff, must work together in order to provide our students with the necessary tools and skills to move forward as global learners. This year, I look forward to continuing to build upon the strong community that AIS is well reputed for and ensure that the best opportunities are provided for our children to learn and grow.”