Parents Committee

Members of the Parents’ Committees have voluntarily chosen to join the committee due to their strong belief in the school mission and their self-driven commitment to the school. The committee serves as the advisory board to the school administration, and its members have pledged to actively participate in supporting the school in attaining its mission and achieving its goals.


The objectives of the Parents’ Committee include:

  1. Designing programs that promote a strong sense of school community;
  2. Encouraging parental involvement in school activities and events;
  3. Providing student career orientation programs;
  4. Conducting fund-raising efforts for students of financial need and for educational purposes;
  5. Discussing with the administration matters of concern related to the school; and
  6. Collaborating with the school administration and faculty in decision making and other aspects of school governance.

Supporting the Community

We value parents as partners at AIS. You are a vital member of our community, and we are very eager to have you working with us. We would therefore like to invite you to volunteer at our school events and field trips.



  1. We are very professional and respectful of the privacy of our children and their families: We do not talk about individual students.
  2. Before coming on an event field trip, all volunteers must sign in at the school office. Please check in at the office each time before you join us and wear a visitor’s nametag. This is for the safety of our children and our staff.
  3. If you have committed to volunteer at an event or field trip, it is your responsibility to find another parent volunteer if you need to be absent. We all count on you.
  4. Always use a soft, friendly voice with the students.
  5. If you are monitoring a group of students, giving each child special attention and engaging them in conversations.
  6. Please remember to focus on the children and save adult conversations for later.
  7. Be enthusiastic and enjoy the children. Know that your work makes a difference in the lives of our children and the richness of our school.