School Evaluation

Both AIS schools have been rated as high performing schools—Band A schools—by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). The school has also received the highest ADEK evaluation rating in all areas of distance learning in 2020 students’ learning and well being; teaching and monitoring student learning; and leading and managing student learning.

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The following are the commendations taken directly from the ADEK Evaluation Report:

  •  The creative use of technology and the home environment to deliver effective student learning.
  • The coordination between senior leader and department heads to provide a positive distance learning experience for all students, teachers and  parents.
  • The comprehensive range of communication methods with parents.

>The following are the key strengths taken directly from the ADEK Inspection Report:

  •  The highly effective leadership of the principal and senior leaders.
  •  Students’ high level of achievement.
  • Teachers’ commitment to raising the quality of teaching and the overall progress of students.
  • The caring ethos, positive relationships and secure environment of the school.
  • Students’ highly developed learning skills, independence enthusiasm for the school which is reflected in their high levels of attendance.

The following are the key strengths taken directly from the ADEK Inspection Report:

  • The school’s promotion of students’ social and personal development.
  • The effectiveness of teaching in raising student achievement.
  • The protection, care, guidance and support given to students.
  • The caring ethos, positive relationships and secure environment of the school.
  • Best practice identified in the support for those who have special educational needs.
  • School leaders’ impact in creating a highly positive learning environment in partnership with parents.

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“I am impressed with the quality of education and the preparedness of applicants from your school. They are exceptionally dedicated to their studies and I have found, once they reach the university campus, they are engaged and perform well. Their transition from secondary school to university studies is smooth and with ease – thanks to the IB and the quality of students that AIS has.”

– Karen Karidoyanes, Bentley University

Abu Dhabi International School fosters a culture of continuous improvement not only for our students. The administrative team consistently engages in school-wide evaluations, from individual teachers and teaching methods to curriculum improvements to ensure the competitiveness of our students. Established affiliations with international educational organizations and institutions ensure quality education is delivered. AIS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the American International Accreditation Association (AIAA).

Abu Dhabi International School is also an authorized testing center for:

  • College Board (CEEB code: 697006): SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT, and Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Cambridge: International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • Edexcel: Advanced Supplementary (AS) and Advanced Level (A-Level) Examinations

“As the International Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Alberta in Canada, we receive numerous applicants from high quality AIS students in both IB and GCE streams to our competitive, world-ranking degree programs. Their presence on our campus enriches the student experience for all, and the character of the students is a testament to the dedication of the staff.”

– Khadija Jetha,University of Alberta