Student Committee

The Student Council is a cabinet from the student body pledged to attend to student affairs and assist the school’s administration to preserve the school rules and maintain a healthy learning environment at all times.
The Council serves as a voice for the student body and strives to promote cooperation, responsibility, friendship, equal privileges, and school spirit among the students. It also works to further student, faculty, and administration relations.

The objectives of the Student Council are to:

  1. Provide a forum through which the principles of democracy and freedom of speech can be learned and practiced.
  2. Promote good citizenship and a sense of community and unity in the school.
  3. Promote the welfare of the student body and the school spirit as a whole.
  4. Serve as an advisory board for student activities and functions and sponsor social and athletic activities.
  5. Provide opportunities for council members and students to serve the community.
Student Council Cabinet 2020-2021
Student Council Member 2016-2017 AUH Campus MBZ Campus
President Hana Mansour Taim Akhal
Vice President Fares Nasser Hanan Saad
Secretary Leen Altiti Karim Istanbouli
Treasurer Aliendin Elmagdoub Jumana Matallah
Environmental Coordinator Okien Khoury Ali Mahmoud
Athletics Coordinators Dania ElSayed Safiya Mahmoud
Social Coordinators Reena Abu Laban Olivia Read
IT/Media Coordinator Lara Al Omari Ramey Maarraoui
UAE Ambassador Noor Abu Shousha Mariyam Alqubaisi