Student-Parent Handbook

Establishing strong home-school partnerships has a critical role in the learning and development of your child. Such partnerships primarily require the engagement of you as parents in your child’s education and your active involvement in achieving school expectations.

In order to create the optimal learning conditions for your child, we kindly ask you to carefully read, understand and apply all the school rules and regulations, and to collaborate with the school administration and staff in supporting your child’s learning and development. Particularly, we kindly ask you to support us by ensuring that your child:

  1. Arrives to school on time
  2. Maintains a good attendance record
  3. Comes to school at all times wearing the correct school uniform and the AIS ID 2017–2018
  4. Comes to school prepared for learning (i.e., has all learning materials and has completed assignments)
  5. Utilizes all learning material appropriately (i.e., Student Planner and library books)
  6. Understands and applies the school’s code of conduct
  7. Understands and applies the rule that mobile phones are strictly prohibited on school campus
  8. Understands and applies the school transportation bus rules and regulations

Nurturing good habits of character in our students lies at the heart of the school mission, so it is important that parents take upon the responsibility with the school staff to ensure that your child applies all school rules and regulations.

Kindly ensure you carefully read, understood and apply all school rules and regulations, including all those stated in the Student/parentHandbook. Your children must meet school expectations in all areas—including attendance, promptness, and discipline—in order to maintain their enrollment in the school.

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