Student Support Services

The curriculum is “increasingly individualized, particularly for students who have special educational needs (SEN) and who are gifted and talented (G&T)”.

 ADEK report 2018

The Student Support Services Department is an integral part of the school that works with the school staff and faculty to educate the range of student learners and cater to their individual needs. The department provides a range of services that include special education services, ESL, and counseling.

The SSS department provides its students with

Counseling services

The goals of the counseling services are to ensure that each student realizes his/her full potential as a unique human being, and to facilitate the growth and well-being of each individual to achieve academic, personal, and life success. Through counseling, students are cared for and supported in their transitions to become independent, responsible adults. The school counselors provide confidential individual sessions, group sessions, as well as counseling-related programs.

ESL support

The ESL program provides students with support to develop their English proficiency. It is designed to help students progress towards proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English. ESL specialists provide individualized instruction to students based on their proficiency level and ensure that they make the progress required to eventually meet curricular expectations.

Special Education Services

Special education services are provided to support students with learning difficulties and disabilities by assisting them develop to their full potential. The goal is to maximize students’ learning competencies to enable them to enjoy their time at school, and to develop academically, socially, and emotionally to successfully function in school and in society. Speech and occupational therapy are offered as part of these services.