When I first walked into AIS as an 11th Grader, I was quite nervous as I knew that I had to adapt to a new environment just like I did when I moved to Canada from Syria. Making friends was never an issue for me but I thought that making friends in Grade 11 would be quite difficult as other students have been in AIS for a long time and have already made their group of friends. However, this was not the case as everyone in my class was very welcoming, from the students all the way to the cafeteria ladies. From the first week of school, I had already made tens of friends and expanded my Facebook friends list. The 2 years I spent in AIS introduced me to a lot of diverse cultures as I was never exposed to people from different backgrounds back in Syria. This helped me build on my character and accept people for who they truly are. I really do owe AIS a lot, not just in terms of a sincere education but also in making me a better global citizen

Khaled Kekhia, IBDP Class of 2015

It is no lie when they say that AIS becomes your second home. At AIS, I managed to forge friendships that have lasted over a decade and are still growing strong. You truly feel your class is your family. As for the education, all I can say is that it is exceptional. I never truly realized that until I graduated and moved to the United States to continue my education. Most of my freshman year at university consisted of material I already learned and mastered thanks to the amazing teachers, which goes to show that the education at AIS is always ahead of the game to prepare students for the next big step in their lives. AIS was the only school I had the privilege of attending and if I were to go back in time and repeat my experience, I would not change a thing.

Caesar Chukrallah, Class of 2016

Although I’ve only been a student in AIS for two years, the experience I gained is invaluable. It broadened my mind and my perspective on life; it shaped me into someone I can be proud of, someone who’s ready to confront the world and face whatever life throws at her. AIS became a platform where I could hone and discover abilities I didn’t think I had. A platform where I could do what I love while learning at the same time. It was a place where I could meet people that inspire me to persevere and make my high school and IB experience unforgettable. AIS is definitely a memory I can look back fondly on and an experience I wouldn’t dare trade for anything.

Corinthianne Nocete, IBDP Class of 2017

I am impressed with the quality of education and the preparedness of applicants from your school. They are exceptionally dedicated to their studies and I have found, once they reach the university campus, they are engaged and perform well. Their transition from secondary school to university studies is smooth and with ease – thanks to the IB and the quality of students that AIS has. Over the years I have always made visiting your school my first priority as I know the quality of education is there. I have awarded merit scholarships to your students in the past and hope to continue in the future.

Karen Karidoyanes, Bentley University

As the International Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Alberta in Canada, I have had the pleasure of visiting Abu Dhabi International Private School a number of times over the last three years. I can say with certainty that every time I visit, I am impressed with the respectful, courteous and friendly nature of the students and staff. The counselling staff has always been helpful and always has the best interests of their students in mind. The students are attentive, responsive and ask the type of questions that will assist them in finding the right university for them.
Every year, we receive numerous applicants from high quality AIS students in both IB and GCE streams to our competitive, world-ranking degree programs. Many applicants have received multiple scholarships for academic excellence and leadership. We are proud that many ADIS alumni have chosen to study at UAlberta in a variety of fields. Their presence on our campus enriches the student experience for all, and the character of the students is a testament to the dedication of the staff. I look forward to my next visit and to strengthening the relationship between our institutions.

Khadija Jetha,University of Alberta

CAS is a three lettered abbreviation for long hours of commitment. That very commitment is, however, a valuable asset to have in university. Creativity hours proved to be useful in multiple seminars I have led in my upper year courses. Action hours allowed me to take on athletic roles, as an outlet from the stressors of a full course load! Lastly, service hours exposed me to the various medical and socioeconomic privileges other communities possess and thus, have helped me narrow down what I would like to accomplish in terms of further studies and career. So, is CAS actually helpful beyond the scope of the application process? Definitely!

Ghadi Al Ghoul, Student at University of Toronto

The CAS Program was a driving force for creating well-rounded students. Personally, it pushed to be active in new and exciting ways and to give back to the community. I was able to demonstrate, on my university applications, the extent of my drive, motivation, and creativity in ways that an academic transcript simply couldn’t. I learned the value of being active outside the classroom when I arrived at my university campus and saw how driven and successful everyone around me was in their extracurricular endeavors. AIS allowed me to bring my own momentum to the community of students I had joined. As such, the Program was an avenue for self-betterment as well as a way to connect and feel closer to my fellow classmates at AIS

Mahmood Bakhash, BA from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Everyone is capable of getting good grades; at some point, admission officers don’t even look for that anymore. I’ve worked at Columbia’s admissions office for a year now, and they review applications holistically, looking for what they call the X factor. They look for drive, ambition, a strong personality, something that sets you apart from others, and what better way to show them that than demonstrating endless hours of creativity, action, and service? It may seem daunting at first, but it’s your biggest weapon when applying to college. Trust me- I even wrote one of tm college essays on a CAS experience!

Zuwaina Ateig, Student at Columbia University

AIS has definitely motivated me to take initiative in extracurricular activities and projects – many of which helped me stand out in my university applications

Ali Abdalla, Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)