World Future Energy Summit

World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi is the Middle East largest future energy and sustainability event, where AIS students from both campuses had a great story of sustainability to tell on January 14, 2020.
The Youth 4 Sustainability Forum held at ADNEC invited our students to a series of group lectures. They participated in discussions related to solutions for a sustainable society, and learned how technology will be utilized in the future to better serve our world and energy consumption. Our Grade 10 student, Arwa Said, from AD Campus had an impressive role in the discussions that took place and provided some long term and short term solutions to the Youth Advisory Council members.
Our students also witnessed the world’s largest virtual battery plant, and listened to a number of lectures among them “the role of blockchain in energy trading and storage management” by Dr. David Livingstone, Deputy Director for climate and advanced Energy.

AIS students left the exhibition with an understanding of the smart energy mix in the world, and the importance of renewable energy in addition to the energy transition and the challenges faced by the energy sector in the globe.