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Grades 1 to 5

Among the top elementary schools in Abu Dhabi

Reason and critical thinking

We recognize that our students need to be critically literate to make informed decisions and communicate effectively in an ever-changing global community.

The AIS Elementary Program is designed to be relevant to the lives of students, so that they feel connected to the curriculum and can identify with what is taught, and understand how their education applies to their world.

Elementary student at the sports day of Abu Dhabi International School
Elementary students learning with blocks at Abu Dhabi International School

Balanced learning

As they are introduced to STEM, math, and science subjects in alignment with CCSS and NGSS, they learn how to question and solve problems. They also experience arts, linguistics, and cognitive exploration, so that their creative talents may be enriched.

Student-led learning

During the elementary years, students are encouraged to discover and grasp concepts for themselves. At this stage, they develop a sense of wonder and curiosity and learn through active involvement and hands-on experience. Teachers place our students at the heart of every classroom interaction, while offering strategic inputs and gentle guidance to allow them to learn on their own.

Elementary students learning STEM at Abu Dhabi International School

Through the AIS Elementary Program, your child will:

  • Experience, knowledge, curiosity, and sense of wonder as a foundation of their learning
  • Learn through active involvement and hands-on experience
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills


At the AIS Elementary school in Abu Dhabi, students will participate in the following activities:


Engage in questions, problem solving skills, and innovation

PE, Art, and Music

Developing artistic and sports talent


Integration of Communication Technologies


Language development skills and pronunciation

English, Math Science

Core subjects aligned with CCSS & NGSS

Cognitive Exploration

Organization of information through memory

Literacy Development

Recognition of basic sounds and comprehension