Abu Dhabi International School (AIS)3

Mrs. Jihan Nasr, a young, idealistic teacher working in Abu Dhabi becomes more convinced that a true education should create not just academic success but create individuals with strong character, who will make an impact on the world, and build their lives with integrity and joy.

Abu Dhabi International School (AIS)3

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The winning Under 19 Boys Soccer team of Abu Dhabi International School from the 1990s

Not even ten years have passed since inception
and AIS begins to win awards for top
performing students, in academia and in sports.
The Under 19 Boys Soccer Team wins
tournaments, beating other schools in the
region two years in a row.
Students from graduating classes of AIS are
accepted into highly ranked universities such as
Harvard University, Columbia University, New
York University (NYU), and University of
California, Berkeley, amongst others.

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